Did I do That?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

So last week I came across this fun link up from Jen @ From A to Z...My Life as a "D"...it's called "Did I Do That Thursday" Basically you share with us embarrassing moments when you think "oh my goodness did I really just do that?"..I have quite a few moments like that haha!
So ever since we booked our Charleston trip I have been online shopping..ahhhh I spend all day a lot of time looking at fun goodies online and I may or may not have bought these things..

I have a smaller longchamp but I thought this larger one would be perfect for our all day outings shopping walking around Market Street in Charleston :)

Brit Dress by Tracy Negoshian
I am in love with all of Tracy Negoshian's designs..they are gorgeous! I'm hoping for some warm weather on our trip and I think this three quarter link sundress is going to be perfect for sunny days or breezy nights!

Christian Dior Sunglasses
I have Ray Ban Aviators but I was wanting some bigger girly glasses and I love love these..let's hope they come in the mail in time for our trip!

Soooo did I really just impulse buy all these? I'm hoping I won't have buyers remorse but I doubt it because I'm loving all these things! :)

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  1. my friend sells those dresses at her boutique in upstate SC. you should check out her web site...

    http://www.scsugar.com tell her Beth sent you. :)

  2. whoaaaa i'm totally obsessed with that dress!!

  3. Oh we are so alike. I have an online shopping addiction.

  4. CUTE! Love that dress and those sunglasses are to dieee for!!! :)