Monday, April 04, 2011

So it's pretty obvious that I LOVE Miranda Lambert..she is so adorable!
She definitely rocked it last night at the ACM's taking home 4 awards all in different categories! I think she is the new "it girl", well besides Mrs Underwood of course!
Miranda looked gorgeous and wore pink throughtout the night!
uhm- I would like these now please, size 6..k thanks! :)
Homegirl racked up with the awards and rightly so, she is an amazing artist and has worked so hard to get where she is today!
Uhmmm and can we talk about how adorable these two are? You can tell he loves her so much..they are just too cute!!!
Oh and check out Blake Shelton's new single Honey Bee..
I've been obsessing over it all day..the lyrics are so sweet.

oh and ps. did anyone see The Judds??
First let me say that I LOVE The Judds..I grew up listening to them and would give little talent show performances while singing their songs..I probably still know all the lyrics to most of their songs. BUT, what in the world was Wynonna wearing??? She looks like she just climbed off of her harley after getting a bad spray tan. On the other hand..how gorgeous does Naomi look? Girlfriend is 65 and still looks amazing!!


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  1. I adore Miranda Lambert and her and Blake are too cute for words!! She looked beautiful in pink =)

    As for the Judds -- Naomi looks stunning! Winona looks angry a lot =/ I use to LOVE all their songs! I still know a lot of the words too =)

  2. Miranda looks so pretty! I love her pink earrings in the first pic

  3. I LOVE Miranda Lambert! She looks great and I'm so excited about her success. Btw.. I LOVED the Judds too. Some of my fave songs to sing a long to as a kid. Naomi looks A-mazing!

  4. She is adorable! I loved that number with Carrie and Steven Tyler. That's a large tattoo that Miranda has. Do you know what it is? Kori xoxo

  5. Miranda, I just adore her! She and Blake are too cute for words!

  6. She is so pretty! love the shoes.

  7. Miranda and Blake are so so cute :) !!

  8. I love Miranda! She looks amazing in all that pink!

  9. I loved Miranda's pink dress! And those shoes...pick me up some too! SO cute!!

    I loved B. Shelton's new song!!!!

  10. Miranda looked stunning! I loved her in pink! I especially loved her earrings and shoes!

  11. Okay, did I miss Blake and Miranda singing together?? I swear I watched the whole show, but I did have to run to my car once.....if I missed that I'm going to cry!


  12. I love that picture of Miranda and Blake! You can tell he really loves her in that picture. I totally agree with about the Judds! When I first saw Wynonna all I could think was she hit the spray tan too hard!

  13. omg, im now obsessed with that blake shelton song. too freakin presh.

  14. I love Miranda too! And that pic of her and BS is sooooo presh! I love him and I love her, so happy they are together!! I can't wait to see their wedding pics. YAY!

  15. okay wow, i do LOVE those shoes... oh and her good looks :)

  16. New follower here! :)

    I freakin' LOVE Miranda Lambert, she is so amazing!

    Def love your blog, you are my kinda girl!!