Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lately I have been obsessing over all sorts of design projects and decor(pinterest certainly adds to my obsessions). I've been wanting to redecorate our living room and bedroom for a while now so here are a few of my fav patterns and inspirations..


Greek Key


Also, have you heard of Haymarket Designs ?

"Haymarket Designs is a chic collection of décor accessories for your home, all hand-painted. 
Crafted of age-old hand painted tole, Haymarket's creations have traditional, Southern style with a functional,modern edge that makes them so unique. " 

Look at all the fabulous patterns you can choose from..

and the custom products...

*all images via their respective sites

I will definitely be ordering something when I finally choose which pattern I love the 

most! Which pattern is your fav?


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  1. Those are all great patterns! I really like chevron too. Isn't it amazing how quick it has taken off in popularity!?

  2. I love the greek key print. There is something about navy blue and white I just can't get enough of! :)

  3. I am loving the zig zag patterns!! :D Beautiful!

    <3 Belly B

  4. OMG! How pretty! I love them all, I wouldn't know how to choose!!! :)

    -Vicki http://myvickiliciouslife.blogspot.com/

  5. I want that Trellis pantry someday! I seriously cannot wait until I have my own house to decorate!

  6. I love all the patterns & style. Great taste!

    check out my blog:

  7. Yeah, I'm obsessing over them all too! LOVE the chevron artwork on the mantle. I think I found a DIY to that on someones blog..will have to check into that :)

  8. I really like the Chevron and Trellis. Who would have thought those were the names of them?! I just always liked how they looked!!

  9. Oh my goodness...I LOVE ALL OF THIS STUFF.

  10. GIRL! I don't think I could love this post any more than I do!! I am loving all of this stuff!!!!

  11. These are all fabulous! I love the Trellis pattern though! I must get my hands on something with that pattern!

  12. WOW! Love this post! I'm totally addicted to pinterest! Those are some really great patterns! I like so many of them! I like the chevron and greek key a lot!