DIY fabric cork boards

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello ladies! 

I had a lot of questions about my DIY cork boards from this post and I'm just now getting around to uploading the pictures from when I made them!

Step One
 Start with just a plain cork board..I got a package of three from le target for cheap.

Step Two
Buy some cheap fabric..I used some that was leftover from my first giveaway which I purchased at JoAnn's Fabrics. Cut the fabric accordingly and place it around the cork board folding each corner in.

Step Three
Make sure you staple all of the sides and corners so the fabric is on tight.

Step Four

Add a decorative bow to the front to bring it all together..I used a glue gun to do this.

Step Five
Hang your cute cork board's on the wall!

I hope y'all have a fabulous holiday weekend..I have tomorrow-monday off and I plan on being poolside with a drink in my hand!


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  1. This is a really cute board! I might have to make some myself :)

  2. WHAT a cute DIY cork board but how did you get them to hang up and stay up? because when i put mine up they wouldnt ever stay! Anything you recommend?!
    thanks girlie, hope you have a fab weeekend and happy 4th! :)

  3. This is such a cute idea!! I have plain cork boards hanging in my closet with all of my jewelry on them, but I never thought of covering them in cute fabric!

    Do you mind if I do a tutorial on this if I give you credit?

  4. can you also tell me where i can buy a DIY gene? thanks!

  5. Thanks for the corkboard DIY! I am going to have to try that!

  6. I LOVE these! I'm glad you shared since they are way more fun than a plain bulletin board!

  7. I LOVE these! I'm glad you shared since they are way more fun than a plain bulletin board!

  8. hey hey hey! love that print ;) hehe

    you are so creative!! they are ADORABLE!! love your lil office :)

  9. What a cute idea, and so easy to make! Im going to have to try making these!

  10. Cute! I have made several big message boards before! & I seen Toby Keith on your calendar, woo :) ha we drove to Raleigh about 2 years ago to see him & Trace Adkins. It was a good concert! We've seen Toby Keith in Charlotte too.

  11. Way to go girl :) these DIY cork boards of yours look fab!

    Happy early 4th of july :)

  12. These are so cute! Definitely planning on making one for my little in the fall.

  13. That is cute!!! I'll have to make one of those once I have a house and the room for one!

  14. what cute green zebra print! :) You should totally enter this project into Craftbaby's DIY a Corkboard Challenge! :)