Marley Lilly vs Hobo Clutch

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey ya'll! This is Lauren, the blogger behind "On a lighter note.." and I am so excited that Miss Belle in the City invited me to guest post for her while she is out gallivanting around my favorite place ever (shout out Charleston).

I am a red-headed eastern North Carolinian with big love for East Carolina football, my ridiculous 100 lb. chocolate lab, Sookie and my amazing husband Josh and one year old son, Sawyer.

check us out.
and Sookie too.
Now if you've been following "We're Just Like You Only Prettier" long, then you know that lady is just fashionably fabulous so I thought I'd share a little fashion-related opinion of my own today.

For Christmas this year, I got two clutches. A Hobo International "Lauren" Clutch from my mother-in-law and aMarley Lilly "Monogrammed Magnetic Pocket Clutch Purse" from my mama. My mama couldn't get over the cost difference between the two very similar items, and when she asked me to tell her the difference between the two.... I balked. Because there really aren't that many despite the $70 price gap.

So today, I am putting them head to head.

Obviously the number one difference being that Hobo has a much better name for their clutch :)

The two clutches have LOTS of similarities such as their design with the two framed sides that have small pockets closed with a push-clasp then the middle area with a big zippered pouch and slots for my NY&Co, J.Crew, Belk very few credit cards and debit card along with a clear-fronted slot for my license.
can you just try to avoid looking at my exceedingly horrible license picture?

They also both have beautiful patterned interiors, although I think I like the bright red peonies a little more than the black and white damask #justsayin.

One noticeable difference why my Hobo clutch cost more is its genuine leather exterior while my Marley Lilly has a faux-leather exterior. The clasp on my Hobo clutch also stays closed a little better than my Marley... however that could be because of the second major difference.

I try to fit MUCH more into my Marley clutch, and can fit a few more things since the faux-leather is a little more stretchy.
see tons of lipstick/gloss and room to spare
see, not much room.
I also like that I could monogrammed my Marley clutch while I wouldn't dream of messing up the nice turquoise leather on my Hobo.

One other difference is the over-all look. My Hobo has a very sophisticated and sharp look about it (probably once again because it tries to live up to its name, most Lauren's are super sophisticated) while my Marley Lilly is a little sloppy looking since the magnet in the "leather" is a little lower than the frame where it meets and the "leather" on the inside is a little slouchier looking.
it gets all smooshed up near the clasp.
ole Lauren has a much crisper look.
All in all, both are great clutches, I constantly use them not only as wallets but as my entire purse for the day. If you want to pay for a more quality clutch with real leather and a little "cleaner" look, I'd go with the Hobo International "Lauren" Clutch. But if you are just looking for a cute clutch with similar convenient pockets as the Hobo without the price or high-end look I would definitely invest in a cute Marley Lilly "Monogrammed Magnetic Pocket Clutch" (they have definitely got to find a better name for it though... However I must warn you that the entire Marley Lilly site is full of fun things and can diminish a paycheck like it is nothing.

Do you have either of these clutches? What other differences have you noticed?

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  1. I have the Hobo Lauren Clutch wallet and love it! I got it last year from ideeli (a site like Rue La La) for only $50. It was half off. It's the only wallet that I use now! Plus, it is in cobalt blue (perfect for me and my fave basketball team).

  2. I have the Lauren clutch and got it on RueLaLa on sale as well and I love it! It's silver so it goes with everything!
    The only problem with it is I probably try to put too much in and and it's slowly wearing around the magnets since they are so strong. That's probably my fault though!
    I love that ML clutch! I'm trying to not buy anything with my monogram on it since I'm getting married in 5 months, but I'd love that with my new monogram!

  3. This is the first time I've heard of a Marley Lilly clutch so I have Lauren clutch. It's bright pink and I love it! I would consider investing in a Marley Lilly clutch too though. Since it's cheaper I could get more colors to make my outfits.

  4. I have the HOBO and Love it. But That Marley Lily one is super cute with the Monogram. and I am totally obsessed with monograming everything lol

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