DIY Burlap Headboard

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Supplies: 3 yards of burlap
 57" x 40" Plywood for full size bed
Queen Size Batting (2 packages)
Picture Hanging Kit (D ring hanger)
Nailhead Trim Kit (this is optional and I ended up not using it)
Mallet (Only if using nailhead trim kit)
Staple gun and staples

Layer the batting over the front side of the plywood only and begin stapling

Fold edges over one another and staple

Once all the batting is in place measure and cut the burlap to fit the plywood and begin stapling it

When everything is stapled measure where you'll place the headboard on the wall and screw in hangers

Place hooks in wall and then the headboard is ready to be hung

Hang your headboard

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  1. I LOVE the ruffle beading!!! The headboard looks great too!! I might try this out. My bed is currently sans headboard and I hate, hate, hate it.


  2. BEAUTIFUL!! Is this your bed? I love the white and burlap with the coral! You are so creative!

  3. loving that headboard! With all this awesome crafting you've been doing lately you should just quit your day-job and be the new (cooler version of) Martha Stewart, I'll do your PR ;)

  4. I can't even with you, you're like the crafting queen! This is so awesome, I deff need to do this!! :)

  5. Okay DIY diva, I start to feel like I need to step it up everytime I see something like this on your blog. That looks great!

  6. This is AMAZING Sarah!! Absolutely love it! Thanks for linking up with us!

  7. This is beautiful Sarah!! You are so crafty! Love the bedding too!

  8. oh my gosh how adorable is this headboard!! i love it, great job!