15 Facts About Me: According to Him

Friday, April 26, 2013

So, a couple days ago I saw Jamie at Southern Simplicity post 15 things her fiancé wrote about her. I thought it was a cute idea..so I decided to get T to come up with 15 things about me. Here is what he sent me.

1.)    Sometimes I think she wishes our dog was a girl, just to put bows in his hair

2.)    She is more tech savvy than me, not ashamed to admit it.

3.)    She likes her bacon crispy. If it’s not, watch out!

4.)    She may be girly, but she has an inner “Miranda Lambert”.

5.)    I’ve never seen anyone drink as much water as her. I think she was a fish in a past life.

6.)    She fell asleep instragramming once.

7.)    Monograms. They’re everywhere. What happens when we’re married?

8.)    She wore heels when we flew to Orlando one time. I told her not to…

9.)    She moved to Raleigh for me.

10.)  When the time comes for kids, she’ll be a fantastic mother.

11.)  I can’t watch TV with her DVR scheduled recordings.

12.)  I think she takes me shopping with her just for my commentary.

13.)  Her voice changes with a couple glasses of wine.

14.)  Her M&M McFlurry must always have extra M&Ms.

15.)  I’m the mathematical brain behind her crafts whether she wants to admit it or not.

Y'all how precious is he? Love his heart...he knows me so well.

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  1. oh my he is too sweet!! haha what happens when you get married... you buy new monograms! :)

  2. i think this might be my favorite post... ever!! how stinking cute! my favorites are the sleep instagraming, your raleigh move (LOVE us NC girls), and the monogram comment haha.
    have a great weekend, pretty!

  3. I love this so much! Though I'm a little scared of his answers, I might copy you and get my husband to do the same! :) Hehe oh men.

  4. Yay!! Glad you did it, too! So much fun : )

  5. Awe so sweet & very precious!He did a great job..

  6. So sweet! My voice changes with a few drinks too and while it wasn't Instagram, I'm pretty sure I've fallen asleep tweeting!

  7. Good job T! I love these. Especially the DVR one.. I always have the max amount of things recording at all times!

  8. love this! I might have to make my boyfriend do it for me!

  9. and I just did this today on my blog!!! I even shouted you out. Loved it! :)

  10. awee this is so so sweet! What a great man Mr. T! ;) I seriously think we all need to get together, I know he and K would be bud's ;)

  11. Love this post! It is so adorable!


  12. awww that's adorable.. :) so sweet..