[Feature + GIVEAWAY] : Lovely Little Mama Jewelry Boutique

Monday, June 10, 2013

I am excited to share with y'all a fabulous online jewelry store Lovely Little Mama Jewelry Boutique.

So let's talk online shopping...I'm going to be honest I shop online  a ton. It's just so much easier than having to go to store after store just to find what you're looking for..so much more convenient.

I have quite a few favorite online boutiques, but I've started to notice a trend. Almost every one of them has started to get the same inventory. I'm all for fabulous new jewels that are oh-so popular but it starts to get old when you see the same necklace at every.single.store.

This is why I love Lovely Little Mama Jewelry Boutique! When I first checked out Jamie's store I immediately noticed that she had multiple pieces that I hadn't seen before and I was pleasantly surprised! Not only are her pieces gorgeous but they are so affordable, enough so that you can keep from feeling guilty for buying more than one of these amazing pieces..

Aren't all of those just amazing? Now it's {giveaway time}. Jamie has kindly offered to give one of you ladies the chance to win one of her beautiful pieces...

 photo glittermonogramsignature_zps84edc89f.png

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  1. I agree!! I feel like we keep seeing the same things in every online boutique! I haven't seen any of these items, love!

  2. I love the blue bracelet so gorgeous

    Carrieanne x