{DIY} Wood Plank Coffee Table

Friday, January 31, 2014

We've been in the market for a new coffee table for a while and while browsing Pottery Barn's website, I found this gorgeous Wood Plank Coffee Table. Then I saw the $700 price tag and just couldn't justify that much for just a coffee table. I knew I wanted a wood plank coffee table and thought what if we just redid the coffee table we already had?  So off to  pinterest  I went to try and find a  refinishing tutorial...

We already had this Target Threshold Avington Coffee Table and decided that we could give our current coffee table a little makeover with a few new boards on top to give it the whole "wood plank" look.

I discovered this tutorial and figured we could get the same effect as the Pottery Barn Table. So we measured our current coffee table and decided how many boards we would need to cover the top.

Our coffee table measured 21"x38"x20" and we calculated that we needed 7 boards going horizontally across the table to fully cover the top. We headed to Lowe's where we picked out our boards which were 4' Pine Planks that we had cut to 41.5" each.

After we got the boards we needed, we also picked up some gorilla wood glue and Minwax stain in Mission Oak, which was as close to the color of our current table as possible.

First the new boards were stained. We ended up putting quite a few coats on..around 6 or 7 to achieve the color we wanted.

When the new boards were fully dried and ready to go, T sanded down the top of our current coffee table so that the wood glue would adhere properly. 

We measured the width and length of the top again to make sure that we placed each board evenly across the top of the table.

We placed a piece at one end and worked our way horizontally down the top of the table.

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  1. it looks gorgeous! can't wait to see what y'all did with the rest of the new place!

  2. That turned out awesome! Love the darker stain color too.

  3. You are amazing. It is GORGEOUS!!

  4. This is amazing! I'm so impressed.

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  6. Seriously gorgeous! That wood is the PERFECT color.

  7. I'm so impressed it does not look like a DIY project at all. Great job!


  8. wow!! such a lovely table!

    follow for a follow?



  9. Wow, beautiful! And amazing pictures too! I always get really inspired by DIY posts like this one, but then when I decide to finally actually do it myself it ends up not being close to as pretty as what I imagines. I don't know why, but do you ever get that feeling after trying a DIY project from other peoples' blogs?

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