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Monday, January 06, 2014

I'm sure you all have seen many versions of this list, perhaps as a '25 before 25' or '30 before 30'. I frequently debated upon posting my own list but something about those just didn't sit right with me. I would start to think....what if these things aren't completed by then? What if I'm only able to mark off a few of these things per year? What if people think the these things are silly? Are the things on my list realistic?? 

Lots of thoughts have popped into my head regarding these lists...and then I decided why not and I sat down and finally started to make "the list" bucket list. Honestly, it may sound silly..but I feel like it was eye opening (in a silly but also serious manner) to actually sit there and see these things written no particular order, rhyme or reason.

1. ride horses on the beach
2. get a full time big girl job that I love  {marked off June 2015}
3. go on a fun mother/daughter vacation {marked off  June 2013}
4. lose 20 pounds {marked off Summer 2013}
5. get engaged
6. write my love story down
7. join a small group
8. tour a winery {marked off March 2011}
9. skydive
10. take a painting class
11. go ice skating at the Rockefeller rink
12. swim with dolphins
13. volunteer at the spca
14. kayak
15. move to a big city {marked off August 2008}
16. start my own garden
17. see a broadway play {marked off July 2009}
18. go to a NASCAR race {marked off October 2010}
19. go camping on the beach
20. take ballroom dancing lessons
21. read the bible all the way through
22. buy a house
23. photograph a new city {marked off March 2008}
24. go to the Kentucky Derby
25. host a dinner party for friends
26. write a children's book
27. open my own etsy store {marked off October 2012}
28. plan a small extravagant wedding
29. run a marathon
30. have children
31. sew my own piece of clothing {marked off August 2012}
32. go to a NFL football game {marked off October 2011}
33. go on a cruise
34. try oysters {marked off February 2010}
35. own a small business {marked off June 2015
36. take a photography class
37. buy a brand new car {marked off February 2013}
38. get my hair cut short {marked of April 2013}
39. visit Paris
40. host Thanksgiving + Christmas
41. make pasta from scratch
42. visit Charleston {marked off March 2008}
43. participate in a 'pay it forward' project
44. swim under a waterfall {marked off June 2015}
45. send a message in a bottle
46. fly on an airplane {marked off March 2008}
47. experience Christmas in NYC
48. build a piece of furniture by hand {marked off October 2013}
49. ride in a hot air balloon
50. visit disneyland
51. go parasailing {marked off July 2009}
52. go cliff diving
53. buy a pair of louboutins
54. visit the Lincoln Memorial {marked off April 2011}
55. zipline
56. visit the Biltmore Estate
57. ride on the Rocky Mountaineer
58. try acupuncture {marked off April 2015}
59. reconnect with an old friend {marked off December 2013}
60. pay for someone else at the drive-thru
61. visit the west coast
62. ride in a race car
63. research my family tree
64. help a stranger {marked off April 2009}
65. try to surf {marked off July 2007}
66. be in someone's wedding {marked off November 2013}
67. adopt a rescue dog
68. go on a spontaneous road trip
69. be on television
70. build our dream home
71. ride in first class
72. host a bridal/baby shower
73. meet a celebrity {marked off March 2007}
74. own a convertible {marked off May 2009}
75. witness a miracle
76. throw a surprise birthday party {marked off January 2014}
77. leave an encouraging note in a public place
78. kiss under the mistletoe
79. be featured in a magazine
80. graduate from my parent's alma mater {marked off May 2010}
81. watch a space shuttle launch {marked off March 2008}
82. climb a mountain
83. go scuba diving
84. see a broadway show
85. invest in a timeless handbag
86. learn to cook (for real)
87. start a youtube channel
88. enroll in an html/css/sql course

I encourage you all to sit down and do this, I promise you will learn a lot about yourself and may even realize that a lot of the things on your 'list' you didn't even realize you had already done. I plan on adding more and more to my list as I think of them! Are any of these on your list? xo, S

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  1. this is a great idea! i think i'll start something like this :)

  2. This is a great idea, I definitely want to make a list like this. And the second quote, seriously is so inspiring. I think everyone should live by it.

  3. I started writing my list last night after having the same "what if people think these are silly" thoughts. I'm going to have to borrow a few of these to add to mine

  4. I love your list! I want to throw someone a surprise party too! It's actually on list of goals before 30.


  5. I love all of these... if you find a small group anytime soon, let me know! ;)

  6. I absolutely love your list..I share many of the same goals/interests!

  7. Love your list! It does seem a little weird at first to write one, but I think it's so nice to have what you want to do written out. Not to mention published : ) It makes them that much more real. And you've already accomplished so much! I'd love to ride in a hot air balloon and research my family tree - just a couple of my own bucket list options : )

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  9. Great list...lots of things I'd love to do, too! Wanna open a boutique together? We could be business partners, tehehe!

  10. Hello! I'm so glad I found your blog. You have fantastic style and this list is amazing. I love that one of your dreams is to horseback ride on the beach! That has definitely been one of my dreams as well. Good luck in accomplishing this amazing list of goals!

    Jennifer Ashley