Luxe Office (Gold + Lucite)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lately, I've been thinking of doing a full office redo. I'm talking new office supplies (yay), decor and revamped furniture. Thankfully, I've come across so many fabulous and inviting office design ideas online, like this gold toned office, this crisp white space, and this one with pops of pink (you can find all of my inspirations here). I plan on incorporating gold tones and clear lucite organizers, with a few splashes of color. What do you think are some things that should make the list for a perfect girly, luxe office

                       sugar paper notebook// quips & queries set // lucite tape dispenser // metallic zebra dish // 
                                                 gold foil inspirational print // gold tone shears // striped wash tape // luxe lucite clipboard //

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  1. Love love love. I share an office with my boss and people are constantly coming in and out and things mysteriously go missing. Can't wait until I have my own office so I can buy pretty things for it!

  2. Love all of this! We must be on the same page because I just bought that gold striped notebook and finally got the zebra dish that I've had my eye on for months!

  3. Love the gold details! Would make for a very glamorous office space!

    - Lindsey & Amanda
    Oh Buoy Boston
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  4. I've totally got my eye on all things lucite and gold for my office too! Love your picks! I work from home so I'm trying to make it a prettier place to spend my day :)