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Thursday, March 06, 2014

I thought it was time for a little life update on here. It seems as if though, since the holidays, life has been pretty hectic and I've neglected to actually sit down and write about recent (well, not so recent anymore) happenings. Be forewarned, this post is a bit of a picture overload, but I wanted to share what we have been up to over the past few months.

We took a trip to Pinehurst to spend some time with Tommy's sister and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend works at Pinehurst, so it was interesting to learn all about the history, while we explored around the grounds and clubhouse. Pinehurst Golf Resort is actually world renowned (the 2014 US Open is being held there) and it is absolutely gorgeous! We also spent some time visiting the many eclectic shops in downtown Southern Pines..I even had my first crêpes experience, and they were definitely delicious, especially with a little sriracha.

We competed in the Bailey's Fine Jewelry 'Digging for Diamonds' competition on the field at the NCSU/ECU game. The object of the competition was to find one ring box (which had an engagement ring in it) stacked in a tower of about 20+ huge wrapped boxes, before the other couple. The tower of boxes was placed at the goal line, in between us and the other couple, we had to take turns running from the 5 yard line, grabbing a box, running back and opening it together. It was definitely a rush to be on the football field in front of a whole stadium of people, all I could remember was my heart beating out of my chest and thinking DON'T TRIP! It felt like we were out there for forever, and it came down to the last box left on the field but sadly, the engagement ring box ended up being in the other couple's box. Even though we didn't win, we were thrilled to be picked out of thousands of entries to participate and it's definitely a story to tell our kids one day. We did though, walk away with a nice gift card to use in their amazing store and y'all know...I have my eye on a few sparkly things. 

Tommy celebrated his 30th birthday in January and I threw him a surprise party at The Pit, a BBQ restaurant in downtown Raleigh. When we first started dating, I knew that eventually I wanted to throw him a surprise party for his 30th, it's just, one of those special birthdays. After months of planning and sneakiness...I successfully was able to get all of our closest friends and family together for the party, order a custom designed cake from Sugarland, and keep it all a secret, which was the hardest part for sure. The look on Tommy's face was absolutely amazing when we walked to the table and he realized everyone was there for his birthday. We couldn't have had a better night and I'm so thankful he was surprised! I do regret one thing though, through all the craziness of being sneaky, I forgot to bring my Nikon to his surprise party..which obviously resulted in not having any quality photos (I realize this totally makes me the worst blogger).

A few weeks ago, one of Tommy's high school friends visited from Southern California and we had a whirlwind of a weekend getting together with everyone. First, we all met up for a nice dinner at 18 Seaboard, a contemporary American grill. I think I definitely had one of the best drinks of my life there, an apple + ginger mojito...amazing! Side note:: I've been on the hunt for the perfect muddler ever since so I can create this cocktail at home, any ideas where to find one?:: The next day we enjoyed coffee and a late brunch at Joule in downtown Raleigh. I ordered a cappuccino which had the cutest heart design, while Tommy got fresh squeezed orange juice which was so fresh it was almost like biting into and orange. I ended up ordering shrimp and grits, which ironically I had order at 18 Seaboard the night before also...what can I say, I'm Southern and I love a good order of shrimp and grits. Both were equally amazing and prepared so very differently. This place is definitely a great spot to visit, but they get super busy and don't take reservations so be prepared to wait. 

The whole weekend, all the boys were on a mission to find this ridiculously popular craft beer, Hopslam Ale. Apparently it's a seasonal beer and only available for a short while...because of this, literally everywhere was sold out of it. After asking around, word of mouth traveled fast and we heard that it was available at a bar downtown, C Grace, a speak easy, of sorts. The location that this bar is in has been so many things over the years, but this is definitely my favorite of all. The atmosphere when you go down the steps and inside, is so amazing and cozy, it's just like stepping back in time to the prohibition era. The inside is very Gatsybish, with plush couches, chaise lounges and chandeliers. The drinks they serve are all uniquely handcrafted and interesting, I ended up trying a few different things and they were all amazing. After, possibly a few too many fancy cocktails, we ended the fun and crazy weekend with some late night food at Calavera, an Empanada and Tequila bar. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant of this place, since I had never tried empanadas before, but we will definitely be going back.

Not too long ago, we experienced North Carolina's first, and probably only, "big snow", aka "polar vortex", aka "snowmageddon". I'm not going to lie, when they forecasted for THAT much snow I was a bit skeptical, since it never, hardly ever, snows here. Well, they were right, for once, and it snowed a good 4 inches at our house(which may not seem like much but for NC it is a ton). I'm sure by now, y'all have all seen the horrific pictures of Atlanta's snow storm and the impact it had on commuters. We had a bit of the same thing happen here in Raleigh, I was stuck in it for 2+ hours, and it was terrible. Driving in a snow storm was probably one of the most stressful things, not only was I afraid that I was going to slide off the road, I was afraid someone else may slide into me. Luckily, I was eventually able to make it home safely and we got to enjoy the beautiful snowfall. We even snuck outside to snap some pictures of the lake by our house, which was frozen over and looked so serene.


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  1. Total bummer on not winning the engagement ring! But what a fun event to participate in!

  2. The snow in the Carolinas was crazy. So weird, especially since we will probably be in short sleeves by the weekend. The event on the field looked so fun, I would have been terrified.