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Monday, May 12, 2014

/// one: Camera+ I use this to edit pictures before posting them on instagram. You can adjust features such as brightness, contrast, and clarity, you can also apply filters, frames and crop. Once you fix your picture all up, it's easily opened into instagram (or email, text, etc) through this app. 

/// two: Check This is definitely an app I use frequently. Basically you link all of your financial accounts, checking, savings, credit cards, utilities, etc. This app tracks due dates, which is super helpful when you've got multiple payments and payment dates. You can also access your recent transactions, pending payments and deposits. My favorite part is that it sends you popup notifications a few days before your bill is due! 

/// three: Evernote This app is AWESOME and can be used for so many different things. If you love making lists, this is the app for you. You can screen capture full webpages or portions of a page and insert them directly to your list. One of the main things I use this app for is grocery shopping, because it's super easy to insert recipes directly to your shopping list. I also use it to keep lists for all sorts of other things, blog post ideas, diy craft ideas, to do lists, reminders, etc. Other added bonuses this app has are reminder alerts, voice notes, and tags for each list.

/// four: Bloglovin I'm sure most of us know about bloglovin by now, it's such an easy way to read any blog feeds you follow. I love the clean design of this app and use it not only on my iPhone but also my iPad and Macbook. You can easily track which posts you've read and haven't, as well as find new fun blogs to follow. 

/// five: Spotify I listen to music while doing everything; working, driving, getting ready, etc and this is the perfect app for any music lover. I used to use pandora and iheart radio but they have easily been replaced by Spotify. I love that you can search for any artist, genre, station, mood, or playlist. I also love that you can follow your friends playlists and send songs back and forth (something Tommy and I do frequently). 

/// six: Keyring Remember when we use to all carry around chunky keychains with all sorts of rewards cards, and membership cards? This app lets you put in all your accounts and member numbers so theres no need to carry all those cards anymore.  The next time you need to use one of your cards all you have to do is open the app and select which card and it shows the member number and scannable barcode. Something else neat about this app is it also links to any coupons that may be offered with the stores, like Ulta, Sally's, or Michaels. 

/// seven: Snapseed I actually just recently downloaded this app, but I'm loving it so far. It's an image editing application kind of like Camera+ but I like this one for pictures that need maybe just a little editing, because you can control the amount of each editing feature. 

/// eight Cartwheel  If you don't already have this downloaded, do it now! This is Target's coupon app and it is awesome! I have the debit card version of the Target red card, which gives you 5% off, and coupons on this app offer 5-20% more off! You can scan barcodes, search specific brands or products and see any offers. You can add all your offers in the "cart" and then at checkout get the one barcode on your account scanned for all the discounts. Easy savings for sure! 

/// nine Asana this isn't that much of a fun app per say, but it is super useful for tracking things. I use Asana for work to track projects and tasks. You can upload documents to specific tasks, add tags and write reminders and comments for each. The best part is when you "check" something off your list! If you work in a team setting, this is easy to track progress of each person and post updates or information as needed. There are SO many features to this app, more than I probably even know about. 

Do y'all use any of these apps? Have any other fun recommendations??

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  1. I just started using Mint, which sounds similar to what Check does. However I don't know if it lets me know about payments which would be awesome!

  2. All of these sound fab! A personal favorite of mine is PicTapGo - fabulous for editing photos.



  3. This is a really excellent read for me. Must agree that you are one of the best blogger I ever saw. Belle