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Thursday, May 22, 2014

/// pair one.    /// pair two.    /// pair three.    /// pair four.    /// pair five.    /// pair six.

Now that it is finally starting to warm up around here, we will be spending a lot more time in the sun..which calls for new sunnies! I've definitely been seeing a trend this year with sunglasses, mirrored lenses. I have one pair of mirrored lenses (these) but I am on the hunt for more! I've always thought that sunglasses are just an important accessory as jewelry or a scarf, and mirrored lenses are sure to make an even bigger statement. I love that there are so many different options popping up everywhere...from green, blue, orange, red. Now the question is, which ones to add to my growing sunglasses collection. What do you think..have you tried the mirrored lenses trend yet?


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  1. My husband bought a pair of these last March in Maui and I thought they were so ridiculous. Looks like he's a trendsetter and I was just behind on the times!

  2. Beautiful! Love #2 especially :)



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  3. I've tried the mirrored lenses but found they aren't really my thing. I did get a new pair of Chanel glasses for my birthday a week ago and ADORE them; fortunately for me my bro doesn't like mirrored lenses either. They do look great on some people though.